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Date Title / Description Link
03/25/14 Jim Harris - Divert-X in Studio - Never Missed a Show - Montana in Says Good Bye From Vegas - Lee Reminisces - Cathy Had a Tear - and Garcia Was Crying. Listen
03/18/14 Fun Start! Ecological Impact of Marijuana Grows - Pit Bulls Take a Hit - Rx Drugs Bypassed - Heroin the New Villian - DCF Under Fire - Rx Drugs Get a Pass - Another Fast Show Listen
03/11/14 Facts vs Faith - $1.2 Million Bond for a Mentally Ill Woman? -Prisons Have Replaced Mental Health Facilities -"National Brain Week" and Much More Listen
03/04/14 Major topic: The Growth of Drugs in America - How Much More Can We Take - Listen
02/25/14 Special Guest: Kevin P Miller - Generation Rx - Great Interview - Thomas Garcia in Studio - Nurses and Prescription Pads - 4 Billion Prescriptions in the US and Growing - Fast Show Listen
02/18/14 The Steroid Fiasco Explained and Vice President Biden's Change of Focus For Our Children - A "Goon" for the Narcotic Industry Writes - Dr. Kenneth Woliner Call in Guest and MONTANA IS BACK! Listen
02/11/14 Guest: Lt Dan Zsido - Pinellas County Sheriff's Office - Prescription Drug Monitoring Law in Florida and the Proposed Legislative Changes - Stoppnow Weighed in - And, Thomas Garcia Calls in for Opinions on Nurse Prescribing and Dry Counties - Informative and Fast Listen
02/04/14 Special Guest - Michael Palladini -Rising Heroin Deaths and More - An informative and Entertaining Show. Listen
01/28/14 Nixon's Drug Stance - "War on Drugs" Statement Clarified - Amazing Similarities From Now and 1971 - Fun/Serious - No Radio Show Like This in North America Listen
01/21/14 Obama Playing it Safe - Changing the Conversation - FDA, NIH, NIDA, DEA - Government Agencies Should be Held Accountable on Marijauna Fiasco - Why Has Research Been Withheld - Medical Association Against Assisted Suicide and Against Drug Monitoring as Deaths Increase - Listen
01/14/14 STOPPNOW Rally Ft Lauderdale on Friday - Vicodin vs The Little Guy - Zohydro and the FDA - Disability Rolls Climb - and Some Fun! Listen
01/07/14 Winners and Losers! - Drug Culture is Changing in America - No State Drug Testing as Children Die -"The Cocaine Mom Act" - And Some Fun Moments - Listen
12/17/13 16 Year Old Gets Drunk-Who Can We Blame? - Replacing Mental Health Institutions for Prisons - "Addiction is not a Disease" - Tom Garcia - Montana - Larry G - Fast Show Listen
12/10/13 Show is Evolving: Drug Distribution Unabated - $200 Million for Lobbying Chump Change for Drug Companies - $2 Billion Dollar Fine and Nobody Notices - Fast and Informative Show Listen
12/03/13 ADHD, Baseball and a Great Song to Start the Show - Chrysler, Marijuana and Defects - Drugs and Drinking Water - Great Caller from N.C - Fast and Fun Show Listen
11/26/13 No Pill Mills and Job Growth in Florida - Florida Supreme Court and Death Row - ADHD is a "Neurodevelopmental" problem in Children and the Story Grows - Singapore has Few Overdose Deaths -The Spruce Goose and More Listen
11/19/13 Coach Schiano Vindicated - Mother Sentenced to 2 1/2 Years, Doctor's Go Free - Lie About a Diet and Go to Jail, But Lie About OxyContin and Continue on....Much More - Another Good Show. Listen
11/12/13 FDA and Popcorn - Doctor Says Overdose is "a choice" - Mental Health Care Costs Increase for Young - Much More Listen
11/05/13 "Popularity of Congress" - Florida Department of Health Investigations Underfunded - A Great Caller - Bibles in the Prisons, but not in the Schools Listen
10/29/13 Marijuana and the Media: Will the Truth Catch Up to the Reality of Legalization - FDA and Hydrocodone - and Much More Listen
10/22/13 "Just" Montana and Larry - Josh Freeman, Adderall, and a Poor Performance - What Has Your Congressman Done For You Lately - Chantix and Mike - Much More - Entertaining Show Listen
10/15/13 Guests-Cathy and Paul Letalien - Jeremy Leo Letalien Scholarship Fund - A New Perspective on Psychiatrists - The Drugging Starts Early in Life Listen
10/08/13 "Addiction Medicine" replacing "Pain Management" for the Charlatans - Reminder that Washington and the FDA Don't Care -Larry G Makes a Prediction for the Future - Good Mix of Serious and Fun! Listen
10/01/13 Josh Freeman and the Bucs - Mental Health Gets a Pass - Adult Steals Ritalin From Kids and Reporter Misses the Point - How Montana Won $1700 and More - Listen
09/24/13 NRA Fires Back - Maybe They are Listening to Radio Show - Gambling - An Addiction Sponsored by Lawmakers - Navy Yard Shooter Kills 12 While on Trazodone - Psychiatrist Writes, "Trazodone a Safe Drug" - Caller from California Listen
09/17/13 Guest - Courtney Saavadra - Director of Operations - Kitson - Discussed the Adderall, Xanax and Vicodin t-shirts - The Future of Addiction Medicine - "No More Church Basements" - Good Show Listen
09/16/13 Kitson - Director of Operations, Courtney Saavedra, Guest - Discuss the Adderall, Xanax and Vicodin T-Shirts - Radio Show Supports Kitson Listen
09/10/13 Kitson - Kudos to the Retailer - Get the Facts Straight (Marijuana is Legal and Statistically More Dangerous Than Alcohol)- Purdue Has it Both Ways - Hides Doctors who Prescribe and Knows Where the Crime is - An Energetic Show Listen
09/03/13 Show Starts with "Who is at Fault" for Messages to our Children - Obama "Quietly Legalizes Marijuana" - Global Drug Deaths Rising - Fast Show - Informative Listen
08/27/13 Mylie Cyrus - Corporations Show no Conscience - Heroin, Prosecution and Eric Holder - Electro Convulsive Shock Therapy Back in Vogue - Fun and Entertaining Tonight Listen
08/27/13 Error - See 8/28/2013 Show - Listen
08/20/13 Guest Attorney David Popper - Walgreens and Loved Ones Affected -Howard Udell From Purdue Dies - Should There be Sympathy - More Facts on Marijuana - Tony Called In - Why Don't More People Understand? - Good Show! Listen
08/13/13 In Studio Guest - Derek From Suncoast Rehabilitation - Discussed Golf Tournament With Passionate Sponsors - Started Show With Comments About Eric Holder - PAR and Suncoast Team Up! Listen
08/06/13 Laurie Eubanks Updates Vandercar - Medical Board Responded - New Expert Witness in Town - Jury Acquits Pill Mill Doctors - Lively Marijuana Discussion - Good Show Listen
07/30/13 Guests: Sean Dunne - Director Movie Oxyana - Dr. Bob Mattox - Kennesaw State University - The College Student - Laurie Eubanks Called In With Dr. Vandercar Update - Informational Show Listen
07/24/13 Guests Rory Span - Psychotic Legend and Trevor Mallory - City Council Candidate - History of Quaaludes Discussed - AMA Wants to Take a Step Back and More Listen
07/17/13 7/16 Show - Larry G in Studio Alone - Called it a Milestone Show - Reporters Beginning to Understand and DEA Reveal Evidence on Walgreens - Billion Dollar Opportunity for the Attorneys - Tony Called in - Enjoyable Conversation Listen
07/02/13 Walgreens Pays and Laughs to the Bank - Tony From Stamford Quizzes Larry G. and Montana - Marijuana Legalization Trumps the FDA - Fun Show Listen
06/25/13 Guest: Michael Gavin - Prium Medical Cost Management - "Opioids and Workers Compensation" - New York Times Might Be Listening - Florida Medical Board Takes a Shot at Attorneys - "Happiness is a Disease?" - Good Show Listen
06/18/13 Show Dedicated to William Head Williams - Guest: Father of William, Bill Williams - Topics Included "Sports Say No, Colleges Say Yes" - "Business Model of Drug Cartels" - Sen Schumer Advertises for Pharma - and More Listen
06/11/13 Topic Filled Show - "Standard of Care" Discussed for Jury Trial. History of ADHD and Pharma. FDA Protects Pharma. Minorities and Arrests - Look Closely Listen
06/04/13 Guest: Kim Witzcak - & - Sleep, ADHD and Drugs - Great Interview - Oxys and The Standard of Care. Good Show Listen
05/28/13 Special Guest: Richard Wallrath - Movie Deep in the Heart - Topics Included a Clueless Editor, Parents Don't Understand "Study" Drugs, Breaking Story in South Florida and More Listen
05/21/13 Clarified - This is Not a Show for Socialists - Lindsay Lohan Recording From 9/10 - Radio Show Was Correct - Emotions Sell Prescription Drugs - Not Science, and More Listen
05/14/13 Fast Show - Deaths Down-Reporter Misinformation Remains - James Holmes and Insanity - Racism and Drug Distribution Remains Thanks to New Messengers - Cleveland Clinic and "Therapeutic Opioid Addiction"????? Listen
05/07/13 Fast Show - Fox & CNN are for psychiatry before family - DSM-5 Under Scrutiny for Being too Obvious - Bazaar in Baltimore - Alcohol More Economic Damage than "The War on Drugs" - Entertaining Interview with Steve Hayes Listen
04/30/13 First Hour Live - 2nd Hour a "best of". Fast Hour - Entertaining and Informative Listen
04/23/13 Guest Bob Dillinger - Public Defender - A Great Interview - SSDI and VA Disability - How Many People Can the Systems Provide For - Heroin Making a Comeback - More on ADHD and Adderall Listen
04/16/13 First Hour Live - Jurors in the Dark - FDA Does a Good Thing - FDA Does a Bad Thing - Entertainers Weigh in on Drugs - Enjoyable Hour - 2nd Hour - "Best Of". Listen
04/09/13 Guest - Steve Hayes - An Alternative Solution - Ted Gup Article - "Diagnosis: Human" - More Marijuana - Cape Cod Times Reporter Gets It. Listen
04/02/13 Mix of Serious and Fun - Drug Dealing Doctors Find Friends in Orlando - Drug Deaths Down in Fla and Up in Rest of Country - 96,000 Card Carrying Medical Marijuana Patients in Colorado and No Money to Fund New Regulations in State. Listen
03/26/13 Show Dedicated to Jeremy Letalien -Guests Paul and Cathy Letalien - Jeremy Remembered - Guest Dr. Robert Ben Mitchell - Letter of Allegation of "Complicity of Genocide" for the Medical Board Goes to the U.N. - A Great Show Listen
03/19/13 Guest Mark de Bernardo - Institute for a Drug Free Work Place - Employer Coalition - Guest Rory Spann - Psychotic Legend - And Topics That Will Challenge Listen
03/12/13 An Entertaining Show - FDA Budget Increases - Demographics of Prescription Drug Distribution - The Marijuana March Enters Florida - Cedric Blushes Listen
03/05/13 Guest David Jernigan - Center for Alcohol and Youth Marketing (CAMY)-Find Out What Brands Young People Prefer - Our Compassion is Costing us Billions in Exploitation by Pharma - Flu Shots - $5 Billion Dollar Hype and Much more. Listen
02/26/13 Guest: Michael McGilvary Starts the Show - 3 1/2 Yrs in Prison and Now a Success Story - Guest Donna Mae Depola - Author of Twelve Tins - Riveting Book and an Inspiration. Two Must Hear Interviews - 2nd Hour - Outrage and "Can't Make This Stuff Up". Listen
02/19/13 Special Guest - Dr. Peter Breggin -In Studio - Thomas Garcia - Enjoyable, Entertaining and Informative Listen
02/12/12 Special Guest: Sergio Michel - Featuring The Album "Marry Me, Cindy" - "Scientific Evidence and ADHD" - Does Pharma Own the Press or is The Press Stupid? - Fun Show Listen
02/05/13 Guns Are a Symptom of a Defunct Mental Health Care System. How Many More Gun Deaths is the Mental Health Care System Going to Create? Mental Health System Driven by Pharma. Energetic and passionate show. Listen
01/29/13 Guest: Kevin Sabet - Smart Approaches to Marijuana (S.A.M) - FDA and Hydrocodone Meeting - Venture Capital, Florida and Drugs - $200 for a Prescription of Adderall and Much More. Listen
01/22/13 Guest: Steve Hayes - Upcoming FDA Hydrocodone Meeting, Purdue Delays on Kentucky Lawsuit, Montana & Larry Define Addiction, and Much More - Another Fast Show Listen
01/15/13 Guest: Candace Plattor - Author & Psychologist - Definition of Addiction Changed After OxyContin -NYPD and the Heroin Dealer - Fast Show Listen
01/08/13 Guest: Professor Manuel Pinto Cuelho - Lisbon, Portugal - The Truth About Portugal Drug Laws - Another Lament About the Media Not Understanding that Heroin and OxyCodone Are Interchangable and Much More! Listen
01/01/13 Guests - Rory Spann and Tiarra Spann for Psychotic Legend Clothing - "State of Mind" - Number of callers including Famous Kid Brick Listen
12/18/12 Special Guest: Suncoast Rehabilitation - Fast and Informative - Treatment Options Listen
12/11/12 No Guests - "Just" Montana and Larry G. - Chrysler, Marijuana and JD Powers Ratings - Richard Branson, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter and the Global Commission on Drugs misguided (All Can Afford Treatment)- Artie Fletcher Steps into the Studio Listen
12/04/12 Guest Dr. Sarah Melton - Pharmacy Professor Shares Insights - Martha Rosenberg - New Revelations on Fosamax - Topical Discussion on Drugs, Guns, Alcohol and Murder...Who Should be Taken Care of First - A Child or The Fat Lady? Listen
11/27/12 Guests: Candace Plattor - "Loving an Addict During the Holidays" and Jim McGilvery - "Doctor's Prescriptions, Deadly Addictions" -"Money, Sports and Urine Testing" - Entertaining and Informative Show Listen
11/20/12 Commissioner of FDA or Health Minister of Canada: Who's worse? - Taurine Causes Irritibility in Rats and Ok For Our Kids - Martha Rosenberg Checks In: Consumers Beware! Another Fast Show. Listen
11/13/12 Fast Two Hours: FDA Called Out Again - Depression and SSRI's - Little Clinical Data - 71 Doctors Help Kill 348 People: Where is The Medical Board - Steve Hayes Spends Some Time. Listen
11/06/12 Entertaining and Informative Show -Martha Rosenberg - Author/Writer at Top of 2nd Hour - Montana Helps with Opium History and Keep the Drug Deals in the Doctors Office, Not the Barbecue Place. Listen
10/30/12 Special Guest Ray Martinez - "The Truth About Marijuana"-"Legitimate Patient Defined (Again)-"Prescription Drug Control Before Gun Control"- 21 Years For Selling Heroin- Doctors Continue to Deal Listen
10/23/12 Guests Thomas Catan - Wall Street Journal and Dr. John Coleman - Former Assistant Administrator - DEA - Montana Back in Studio - A Fast and Informative Show Listen
10/16/12 New Day/New Time-Tuesday Nights! In Studio Guests: Andy and Sharon Blair - The Jennifer Act and Much More Listen
10/07/12 Special Guest: Candace Plattor - Author Psychologist "Loving an Addict" - Topics Included Deaths Increasing and VA Has No Clue - Pharmacists Want More Drugs and Congress Representatives Support Them Listen
09/30/12 Dr. Andrew Kolodny: President of PROP - Rebuttal on the Opioids - Author Martha Rosenberg - "Born With a Junk Food Deficiency" - Fascinating Book - Commentary - NAACP, African American Youth and Marijuana - Explain it to me! Listen
09/23/12 Special Guests: 1st Hour Paul Gianfriddo - Discussion on Mental Health Treatment and 2nd Hour Dr. Jane Orient - Executive Director Association of American Physicians and Surgeons - Was Doctor Wrongly Accused? Listen
09/16/12 Guests Susan Neville and Maria Costa - Guardian Ad Litum Joined With Larry Ahern - Florida State Representative - Children's Needs Continue to Grow - 2nd Hour Included President's Children in "drug infested school" and The Silence Continues Listen
09/09/12 Special Guests: Garry Larrowe - County Administrator Carroll County Va. and Jonathan Sweet - County Administrator Grayson County Va - A Milestone Show Listen
09/09/12 Special Guests: Garry Larrowe - County Administrator Carroll County Va. and Jonathan Sweet - County Administrator Grayson County Va - A Milestone Show Listen
09/02/12 Fast Show - Disconnect Between Health Care Costs and a Deterioration of Our Communities - Administrative Compaint on Dr. David Vandercar Discussed - Thomas Garcia Called in - Is it Benoit or Bernay Who We are Talking About? Listen
08/26/12 Guests Dr. David Jernigan - Center for Alcohol Marketing to Youth (CAMY) - Michael Palladini - Author and Counselor - Marijuana in Colorado - Doesn't Matter that James Holmes Reportedly Smoked it - Medicaid and Paul Ryan - Media at its Worst Listen
08/19/12 In Studio Guest - Nicky Baker - Singer and Song Writer - An Enjoyable Two Hours - Serious, Music and More Listen
08/12/12 Laurie Anspach - CCHR - Comments on This Week's Blog, Diabolical Classification of Children and Solutions - Thomas Garcia Called in - What Would Make a Judge "Lie" (Mistake?)on Behalf of Purdue Listen
08/05/12 Larry G on Vacation: "A Best of Show" Interviews With Sheriff Bob Gualtieri and Senator Joe Manchin - Last Hour Replay With Steve Hayes and Maureen Killian Listen
07/29/12 Guest Host Steve Hayes: Special Guests Dr. Brent Agin and Dr. Matt Erickson. Informative and Interesting. Listen
07/29/12 Guest Host Steve Hayes: Special Guests Dr. Brent Agin and Dr. Matt Erickson. Informative and Interesting. Listen
07/22/12 Sheriff Bob Gualtieri - Pinellas County - New Theme Started: How Can a Dangerous Plant be used to Create the Biggest Hoax in Our Lifetime. Thought Provoking Show Listen
07/15/12 Special In Studio Guest: Andy Steingold - Mayor Safety Harbor and Candidate for Judge - Guest Jim Harris - Divert X - Unique Product to Save Lives - FDA Spies and Incompetancy Discussed - More Listen
07/08/12 Steve Hayes Brings His Legal Expertise: Glaxo Fine - FDA Pulls "unsafe" oxycodone - Maureen Killian Joins Show to Discuss Florida Dept of Health - Rob a Bank - Go to Jail - But, Doctor Can Kill and Remain Friends With Medical Board. Listen
07/01/12 Special Guest: Senator Joe Manchin (WV) - Michael Palladini - Author and Show Opens Discussing Mexican Deaths Listen
06/24/12 Special Guest: Dr. Steve Gelfand - Discusses Recently Published Article - Update on Manchin Amendment - Urine Testing Companies in a Spitting Match! Listen
06/17/12 Guest Steve Hayes and I Discuss Hydrocodone Amendment Before Congress, Future Costs to Business and More.....Cindy Harney From Sarasota Guest Caller - Fast Show Listen
06/10/12 CCHR Youth Group - Jamie, Andie and Monnelle Educate the Adults - Thomas Garcia - Novus Medical Detox/Suncoast Rehabilitation: Enjoyable Conversation Listen
06/03/12 Guest: Bernie Mullen - Update on Sarasota, Fl - FDA Meeting Last Week - Insincerity and the Press Missed It - Vote on Ethics Loses 96 - 1 in Congress - Wayne State Gets It! Listen
05/27/12 Special Guests: Dr Andrew Kolodny-Dr. Steve Gelfand-Pete Jackson-Ada Giudice-Tompson- Discussed Upcoming FDA Meeting - No Mention From the FDA of Addiction and Deaths! Listen
05/20/12 Morgan Fox - Marijuana Policy Project - Great Interview - Joe from Long Island - Emotional and Uplifting - Great Callers - A Good Show Listen
05/13/12 Guests Anita Ayers - Anita Ayers Ministries- Pastor Ronnie and Debbie for Storm the Gates of Hell Saturday in St. Pete - Charlie Day - Face it Together - Erich Curnow - - A great Show and More Listen
05/06/12 Guests: Kevin Kirby - Face it Together - Erich Curnow - - HIPPA Privacy Laws -Roger Clemons and a Great Caller - Fast Show Listen
04/29/12 Special Guest: Professor Christopher Lane - Author of "How Normal Behavior Became a Sickness -Shyness" - Great Topics and Great Callers Listen
04/22/12 In Studio Guests: WDHAN - National Drug Control Strategy - Three Pages on Rx Drugs - Fentanyl in Your Water - Mandatory Costs for Business - Callers from Chicago and Little Rock and More. Listen
04/15/12 Reminder From Laurie Anspach - Vigil for Gabriel Myers - Johnny Hickey - Movie OxyMorons Released Pay Per View Nationally - $1.2 Billion Fine and Nobody Cares - George Will - Respected Columnist Misses the Point - Joe Called in - He's Doing Fine - Listen
04/08/12 In Studio Alone: SHAME and Wayne State School of Pharmacy - Police Wrong - Marijuana Growers OK - Derek Myers and Personal Priorities-Great Callers Listen
04/01/12 Guest Ray Martinez - Former Mayor Fort Collins - Sheriff Bob Gualtieri Does His Job - Chimpanzees Rule! - An Enjoyable Show Listen
03/25/12 Guests - Suzanne Lee - Kanebac County, Minnesota - Erich Curnow - - Pete Jackson - ARPO - Walter - - A Fast Show - A Good Show Listen
03/18/12 Nelson Trout - Author- Blood on the Ceiling - Laurie Anspach Discusses Gabriel Myers - Seven Year Old Commits Suicide - Much More! Listen
03/11/12 Hunter Chamberlain in Studio - "The Marketing of Rachel Hoffman" - "Is it 1st Degree Murder" - "FDA Response" and Much More - Good Show Listen
03/04/12 "Benzo Show" - The Damage and Destruction From Diazpam, Alprazolam, Lorazepam, Clonazepam, etc. My Thanks to Geraldine Burns and Guests For an Informative Show. Listen
02/26/12 Florida Reporters Remain Uneducated - John Fauber - Great Story on "Money Buys Influence" - Why BanOxy Remains Ignored - Businesses Should Pay for Health Clubs - Not Weight Loss Clinics Listen
02/19/12 Dr. Peter Breggin & Smart Academy -The "drugging of our children" - A memorable show. Listen
02/12/12 Special Guest: Congressman Robert Dold - 10th District Illinois - Eric Curnow: - Michael Pallidin: Author and Paul Keith: CES Corporation and More Listen
01/29/12 Special Guests: Sheriff Bob Gualtieri - Pinellas County & Kim Campbell - Candidate for Judge - Informative Show Listen
01/22/12 Guests: Paul Keith - Compelling - Drugs Took His Father, Brother and Five Years of His Life in Prison - Erich Curnow - Journalist - and the Costs of Legal Drugs in Our Communities. Listen
01/15/12 Enjoyable Show - "Pain Patient" called in - Steve Hayes and Jim McGilverie Commented - "60 Pounds of Marijuana and Police Are Wrong" Listen
01/08/12 Special Guest David Loffert - Good show - Good Callers Listen
01/01/12 Another Best of Show - Happy New Year - Back Live Next Week! Listen
12/25/11 A Replay of the 10/23/2011 Show - Guest WDHAN - Happy Holidays to All Listen
12/18/11 Guest Marc Mauer - Sentencing Project - Hunter Chamberlin in studio - Sentencing Disparities-"Experts Dangerous Species" - ADHD Drugs for Our Pets and More - Another Fast Show Listen
12/11/11 Great Callers - Ed and Joel - Joel 1st Time and Ed a Veteran - Topics Included Adderall for Puppies - BanOxyContin Petition - Why the Silence - St. Pete Times Allows Racist Statement in Editorial Listen
12/04/11 Just Larry G - A fast two hours - The Profession That brought you Labotomies and Electric Shock Therapy Brings Drugs to Foster Kids - College Students Who Use Stimulents are the Lowest performers....Much More! Listen
11/27/11 Special Guest: State Rep Jim Frishe - Guests: Paula Davies Scimeca and Sherry McGinnis - Call in by Leonard Edloe - Host of "What's Going On" on WCLM AM Richmond Virginia. Listen
11/20/11 Special Guest: State Representative Matt Hudson (dist 101) - WDHAN - Discussed Drugs in the High School Classroom - An Enjoyable and Fast Show Listen
11/13/11 Florida State Representative Larry Ahern Beginning of Show - Workman's Comp Costs - Later: Roger Hemond and Michael Palladini Share Their Opinions on Addiction -"A Comfortable Show" Listen
11/06/11 Guy Taylor - Award Winning Journalist - "DEA Boosted Supply" -Dr. Steve Gelfand - Clarified Pain Message - Holly Korby - "Parents for Texas" - An Impactful Show Listen
10/30/11 Special Guest - Special Counsel Florida Attorney General Dave Aronberg - Great Callers - Joni and Julietta From Clearwater and Steve Hayes - Will Former Purdue Execs Be Allowed Business as Usual - What Will U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder Do? Listen
10/23/11 In Studio - WDHAN - An Enjoyable Show - Young Musicians Educating the Adults About Drugs. Great Callers Listen
10/16/11 Roger Hemond - Thrown Alive - Recovery Insights Seldom Covered on the Show - Callers Ellen and Brandon - More Recovery Insights - Pain Management Doctors or Bozo's: How Much Education Necessary to Deal Narcotics? - Flu Shots - Fact or Fiction? Listen
10/09/11 In Studio - Steve Hayes - Special Guest Roger Hemond - Good Callers -"BanOxy Silence" - Medicare Part D Fiasco - The Economics of the Epidemic - How Can You Have Legalization When 70% of Drug Deaths Are Attributed to Legal Drugs? Listen
10/02/11 Guest - Clearwater Band WDHAN - Music and a message - Guest Renee from Stoppnow - Update on Tampa Demonstration and Emotional Commentary on the Insincerity for too Many Groups Listen
09/25/11 Details for Demonstration in Tampa Next Week - Florida Board of Medicine - Group for Loved Ones Exposed - Save the Fish Before the People! Listen
09/18/11 Guests From - Janet and Renee - Montana Comes Back - FDA and its Priorities - Healthy Navy Vet Files What? - Opiophobia Explained and more - Listen
09/11/11 Guest Michael Palladini - Author - Drugging the Elderly - 3 Million Fewer Smokers and 3 Million More Marijuana Smokers - Drug Companies Prey Upon the "Invisibility of Youth" Listen
09/04/11 Guest Laurie Anspach - CCHR - "The Drugging of Children" - Fiery dialog in 2nd Hour - Good Show Listen
08/28/11 Guests Tina Reed - Department of Health Fails Florida - Brett Hall -Pure Heath Group - Comments on the Under reporting of the Epidemic - Urine Tests can be Bought for $2.50 and the State Pays $30. Listen
08/21/11 The Adults Continue to Die in Silence - Canadian Night (Callers from Canada) - Prevention or Detention for our Youth - Fast and Furious at our Government Leaders -Another Good Show Listen
08/14/11 Great Show - Larry G "pontificates", Purdue is Revealed Again, Pharmacists Have Awakened - Fast - Entertaining - Controversial Listen
08/07/11 Special Guest Hosts - Steve Hayes and Hunter Chamberlain Fill in For Larry - Florida Court Ruling Has Ramifications - Learn About "Double Helix Listen
07/31/11 Cedric Put Together a "Best Of". Larry G Took the Night Off - If You Haven't Listened for Awhile - A Good Show For You Listen
07/24/11 Special In-Studio Guest - Chief Deputy Robert Gualtieri Pinellas County and Frank Peterman, former State Representative and Head of Florida's Juvenile Justice - Monesha Tells Both Gentleman Her Opinion - A Good Show Listen
07/17/11 Guest - Hunter Chamberlain: Cycle Within Judicial System - California: High Marijuana Use vs Low Tobacco Use - Tampa: High Percentage of Inmates and Drugs - When is Business Going to Get It. Listen
07/10/11 Good Start - Another reminder on the media's complicity - Inquest in Canada Successful - 20,000 Border Patrol Agents Looking the Wrong Way - Obesity and Drugs - Both Expanding Listen
07/03/11 Larry G and Monesha - Hookah - Marijuana and Oregon - Judge Doesn't Get it - Time Magazine and Apparent Payoff - Business and People in Funny Hats Don't Get It. Listen
06/26/11 Hot Topics: Drug Dealer Shot - Innocent Bystanders Killed - And That Was In the Pharmacy! Another Reminder - Legal or Illegal - Follow the Money - Shame on Nike - Much More - A Good Show Listen
06/19/11 Special Guest - Johnny Hickey - The Movie OxyMorons - 10,000 BanOxyContin Signatures - Monesha on the Line - A Fantastic Show Listen
06/12/11 Ground Breaking Show! - In Studio Guests - Monesha Harris and Terris Harrington: Drugs and the Inner City - History, Impact, Police, Etc. - To Be Continued....... Listen
06/05/11 Larry G Alone: Catching Up - Entertaining Show Listen
05/29/11 In Studio Phil Eil - Columbia University Graduate - Challenges Larry G..... Listen
05/22/11 Guests Dr. Robert Ben Mitchell DO.- Dr. Steve Gelfand MD. - Steve Hayes - Former Director Novus Medical Detox Help Explain "The Hoax and Fairy Tale of the Pain Meds as Tens of Thousands are Affected Daily". Listen
05/15/11 Show Starts With State Rep Larry Ahern - Final Words on Pill Mill Bill - In Studio Guest Hunter Chamberlain - An Enjoyable Listen Listen
05/08/11 Special Guest: Paula Davies Scimeca - Author - Ellen and John Arnold - Judge Tom Freeman - Review of Landmark Florida Pill Mill Legislation - Shame Families Feel - FDA Heads Need to Go - Marijuana Fantasy - Fairy Tale of Pain Relief and More Listen
05/01/11 Special Guest: Trina Hayes - Author - "Attracted to Addicts" - "Step Right Up - Get Away From Me Kid"- The Hoax Continues - More on "Flip-Flop". A State Senator Revealed - Listen
04/24/11 In Studio Guest - New Director Novus Medical Detox - Kirk Burness - "Obama Gets it Wrong" - Protects the Drug Companies - Giselle Boothby - UF Student Update - "Flip Flop Fasano" - Can it be True? - UW Update - First Wisconsin, Now the World! Listen
04/17/11 Special Guest - Joe Paduda - Health Strategy Associates - Workers Compensation Costs Continue to Escalate - In studio - Hunter Chamberlain - Quality Time With Maureen Kielian - Board of Medicine Fails Us - Enjoyable Show Listen
04/10/11 Special In-Studio Guest-Ed Bisch - - John Fauber - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Landmark Article-Purdue and UW Medical School Payments - Jane Velez-Mitchell - CNN/HLN Issues Host - Book Addict Nation. Listen
04/03/11 Professor Tim Murray - St Pete College - Discussion of Ethics - In Studio - Tim Ritchie - St. Pete College Student - Myriad of Topics - Marijuana - Methadone - Florida Gov and Legislature - Topics All Can Disagree On! Listen
03/27/11 Guest - State Rep Larry Ahern - Legislative Update - Gail Graves - Ban OxyContin Rally April 1 - Maureen Kielian - Update on Ineffective Florida Board of Medicine - Giselle Boothby - Update From College - Listen
03/20/11 Guest - Sherry McGinnis - Author...In Studio Hunter Chamberlin...DEA Seizes "Deadly" Drug to Prevent Executions - Mexico Continues to Lose People to the Drug War...Good Callers Listen
03/13/11 Special Guest: Rudi Loehwing...World Institute of Natural Health Sciences and Steve Hayes...Director Novus Medical Detox.....Natural Health Industry Faces Parallel Challenges as Curtailing Oxy Production....Good Show. Listen
03/06/11 Guests: Dr. Steve Gelfand and Peter Amato - A great 1st Hour! Ellen Arnold - Janet Spring and Heather Baxter Created the 2nd Hour. My Thanks to Eric Mitchell for being in Studio...Another Good Show Listen
02/27/11 The Pill Mill Busts Summarized as Only the Radio Show Can do it.....The Mafia and Purdue Protect Their Own.....Hunter Chamberlain's legal Insights Welcome....My Thanks to Ellen, Maureen and Jim for Helping Finish Up a Great Show Listen
02/20/11 Guests: Rito Armenta - - Steven Ferry - Is There a Darth Vader in Your Life - Special Opening Piece On Babies Being Addicted (Will the Crying Babies Wake Up America?) Fast 2 hours Listen
02/13/11 Does Rick Scott Minus PDMP in Florida Equal Jobs? - Introduction to - Brandon from WV weighs in on ADHD on College Campuses and Janice From Manatee County Reminds us of Derek. Listen
01/30/11 Steve Hayes and Hunter Chamberlain - Update on Florida Pain Clinic Laws - Dr. Brent Agin - Review of Movie OxyMorons - And More! (show starts at 2:00) Listen
01/23/11 Guests - Shaun McCanna - Documentary Film "Drugs and Death at Bagram" - David Popper - Attorney and "Duty to Warn" - In Studio - Hunter Chamberlain - Another Good Show Listen
01/16/11 Special Guest - Dr. Jim Barile - Radio Host "New Breed of Doctor" - "FDA Makes the Streets Safer With Less Tylenol - Jarod Loughner - Marijuana and Schizophrenia and No National Discussion Listen
01/09/11 Show Dedicated to Thomas Burket - Special Guest - Former State Senator Dave Aronberg and Special Proscutor for Florida Attorney General - Great call in Guests - Thanks to Jim G - Tina R - Janet S - Maureen K - Howard B - Milestone Show Listen
01/02/11 The Epidemic Has Just Begun! 2.4 Million Pills and Newspapers Call Them "Pain Pills" - Two Mothers and a Son Share Their Stories - We Are Destroying a Generation - Listen
12/26/10 In Studio Band - Female Band Invasion - An Entertaining and Informative Show - "Old Time Radio" Listen
12/19/10 Steve Hayes in Studio This Week- Never Heard Steve Like This Before-Statistics Revealing the Opioids Destruction-Sheryl McGinnis- Author and More-Show Dedicated to Greggy-Passion and Emotion That is Becoming the Show's Trademark Listen
12/19/10 Steve Hayes in Studio This Week- Never Heard Steve Like This Before-Statistics Revealing the Opioids Destruction-Sheryl McGinnis- Author and More-Show Dedicated to Greggy-Passion and Emotion That is Becoming the Show's Trademark Listen
12/12/10 State Representative Larry Ahern - A Fresh Voice in Tallahassee - Larry G & Hunter Exchange Views on the 4th Amendment Protecting a Drug Deal - Leslie Yount - James - Denis Help Bring Sense to the Silence - A Goodbye to a Girl Friend - Sorrowful Ending Listen
12/05/10 Florida Medical Examiners Report Released - Pinellas County No 1...Special Guest Brenda Iliff - Hazelden - More on Purdue Pharma and Testing OxyContin on Children -Update on Ineptitude From Florida Department of Health and Board of Medicine. (starts at 2:00) Listen
11/28/10 Show Dedicated to Jeremy Traylor - Sydney Wolfe & Public Citizen Complicit or Duped? - Update on Drug Monitoring and Pain Clinic Legislation - Another Surprise - Melissa - Jeremy's Mom - Listen
11/21/10 Show Dedicated to George Jonathon Smith - Johnny Hickey - Actor, Director, Writer - OxyMorons - In studio Family Helps Break the Silence and Kim Pannett - Mother of Jonathon - Some Emotional Moments (Note: Show Begins at 2:00 Point) Listen
11/14/10 A Unique Show - Daughter hears from Mother and Father - Memorable Show! (Note - Show starts at 2:00 after news) Listen
11/07/10 Special Guest Bob Guiltieri - Chief Deputy and General Counsel Pinellas County Sheriff's Department - Congratulations to Larry Ahern - Representative Elect Dist 51 - Eric Mitchell and Leslie Yount in studio Listen
10/31/10 Topics Not Heard Anywhere else: Drugs in the Workplace and the Government Support - Judge Influences Anna Nicole Outcome - Pharmacists Duty to Warn - An Attorney Who Explains! Listen
10/24/10 Special Guests Darryl Rouson - Florida State Representative District 55 - Kate Howard - Florida Times Union - Hunter Chamberlain stopped in to clarify Anna Nicole Smith Trial - Another great show! Listen
10/17/10 Guest and New Sponsor - Hunter Chamberlain - Chamberlain, Butler & Crowe - Steve Hayes Joined in - Pfizer and King Jump into Bed Together - Final Rules Discussed for "Pain Doctors". GREAT SHOW! Listen
10/10/10 Special In-Studio Guest: Hunter Chamberlain - Attorney and Call in Guest, Dr. Robert Mitchel - Update and Discussion on the Drug Monitoring and Pain Clinic Laws - "A Legislative Debacle". Larry Ahern and StopNow Checked in Early. Great Show! Listen
10/03/10 Alex Mindt - OxyContin Blues - The Movie - Premier Week - Great Interview - Great Callers and Larry Ahern - Candidate for Dist 51 Listen
09/26/10 Special Guest - Clifford Thornton of Efficacy: Great Discussion on the Legalization Issue - An Enlightening Show for All! Listen
09/19/10 A Special Show: Guests Jenny and her son and daughter share stories about Rhianna who we recently lost. -Leslie in the second hour shares her knowledge about Fentanyl. - Eric Mitchell - Suncoast Rehab shares his insights. Listen
09/12/10 Special Guest: Florida State Representative Janet Long - Dist 51....Comments From Dr. Steve Gelfand on the Growing Military Deaths from Drugs...New Callers!...A dynamic show. Listen
08/22/10 Special Guest - Larry Ahern - Candidate State Rep Dist 51 - Larry Gets It! - Judge Tom Freeman Checks In - Steve Hayes and Comments on Roger Clements and His Joy Juice. Listen
08/15/10 Robin Wikle - Pinellas County School Board - Tarpon High School Students Lyle Hoffman and Leah Miller - Special Guests Johnny Hickey - Oxymorons - State Sen Mike Fasano and Judge Tom Freeman - A milestone show! Listen
08/08/10 Special Guest Larry Ahern - Candidate State House Dist 51 - Judge Freeman Checks In - Deborah Trying to Save Her Child - Ed Vanicky on Drugs and the Military -Steve Hayes and Callers - Great Show - Fast 2 Hours! Listen
08/01/10 Guest: Larry Smith - Author - Washington State Legislators Understand - Why is the Truth Ignored - Judge Tom Freeman Weighs in - Steve Hayes - Novus - An Enjoyable Show Listen
07/25/10 Open Show - Lindsay Lohan and the Opportunistic Media - Listen to a Mother and Son Interact on Recovery - Judge Tom Freeman is Heard - Fiasco at the FDA and More! Listen
07/18/10 Special Call in Guests: Writer, Actor, Producer Johnny Hickey - Hillsborough County Commissioner Rose Ferlita and Dr. Steve Gelfand....Additional Guests Dick Rivet, Jim McGilvary, and Sona Wimberly.....A Great Show!!!!!!! Listen
07/11/10 Guest: Author Paula Davies Scimeca - Florida Medical Examiners Report Visited - People Over 35 Dying in Huge Numbers - The Ruse Of Legalizing Marijuana - Great Show Listen
06/27/10 Guests: Robin Wikle - Pinellas County School Board Member and Robert Allen - Summit Daily News -Great Guests and Great Callers Made for a Very Good Show! Listen
06/20/10 Guest: Howard Goldblatt - Coalition for Insurance Fraud - Steve Hayes Helps Answer Why the Children Are Being Drugged in Unprecedented Numbers - CDC Offers New Statistics On Drug Overdoses - Trending to Younger Ages - Good Show Listen
06/13/10 Guests: Congressman Vern Buchanan and Author Paula Davies Scimeca - Head of Board of Pharmacy "Corrected" - Freeway Ricky Ross - And Much More- Listen
06/06/10 Guest Host Steve Hayes and Guest Attorney Aaron Slavin - Topics Included Pill Mill Raid in Tampa - Legal Pitfalls to Illicit Drug Use and Hypocrisy From the Media - Informative Show! Listen
05/30/10 Judge Tom Freeman - Legal or Illegal - Inappropriate Use of Drugs Creates Havoc Within Families - Informative Interview -Another Reminder on the "goofballs at the FDA". The Experts Have Convinced Moms that Tylenol is Bad and Adderal is Good - New Callers -Entertaining Show Listen
05/23/10 Pain Clinic Raids - Tampa City Council "Gets It" - Booze by Prescription in the 20's - Alcohol Taxes Collect $6 Billion and Alcohol Costs the Country Over $200 Billion - What's the Tradeoff for Marijuana? Listen
05/16/10 Great Show - Guests Pinellas County Judge Tom Freeman and Congressman Hal Rogers (5th District Ky) - New Callers - FDA Further Revealed - and More! Listen
05/09/10 Guest: Michael New Product Hydrocodone approved by FDA - But is it new? - St. Pete Times Finally Might Get It! Neurosurgeon Prefers Pain Management - Fast Show - New Callers Listen
05/02/10 Guest: Pinellas County Commissioner Susan Latvala - Moratorium on Pinellas Pain Clinics - Update on Drug Monitoring Bill - Guests: Emily Robins and Barbara Van Rooyan - FDA Petition Process - Informative Show Listen
04/25/10 Guest: Joe Herzanek - Author of Why Don't They Just Quit - Great Interview - Good Callers - Another Great Show Listen
04/18/10 Guest - Sam Quinones - LA Times - "Black Tar Heroin" in Small Town America - Topics: The Republican Party is "Defunct" -Who is Funding Drug Monitoring Bill? and Much More Listen
04/11/10 Guest Susan Foster - CASA -America's Prison Population - Guest Gwen Noles - "Xanax Addiction" - New Insights on Bad Parents and the Phony Sentiments on the "War on Drugs" in Sarasota. Listen
04/04/10 A Show "You Won't Want to Put Down!" A Review of the BanOxycontin Rally - Special Guest Johnny Hickey - OxyMoron the Movie - Nursed Called in to Defend OxyContin - Listen
03/28/10 BanOxycontin Rally Tampa April 1 - Final Info - Guest Richard Farrell - Author and Screenwriter -Bill Ford - - Great Conversation - Enjoyable Show Listen
03/21/10 Guests: Dr. Marvin Seppala - Hazelden -- State Sen Rhonda Storms - Curtail the Drugging of Foster Kids -- Gail Graves - BanOxyContin Rally -- Paula Davies Scimeca - Unbecoming a Nurse and More - An Outstanding Show Listen
03/14/10 Guests: Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack - Jessica Stephen - Kenosha News - Gail Graves - BanoxyContin Rally - Tampa April 1 - A Great Show Listen
03/07/10 Special Guest: Tom Kertscher - Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel - "Legal Drugs Have a Deadly Impact - "Ig Nobel Prize" nomination to FDA/Purdue - Great Callers Listen
02/28/10 Special Guest: Interview with Rick Tyler -Founder of Renewing American Leadership - Utah Sells Out - Fox News Falls Short - Florida Politicians Think They Can Fool You Again. Listen
02/20/10 1st Hour: Interview With Lt Governor Jeff Kottkamp - Florida Pain Clinics Discussed Candidly-Two Rings and the St. Pete Times for Fish Wrap - Bill - Fast Hour Listen
02/21/10 2nd Hour - Dr. Jeanne Stolzer - Insights and Perspective on ADHD - A Perspective Not Heard Anywhere Else.....Technical Problems Listen
02/14/10 Inaugural 2 Hour Show! - Success Story From William -First Time Caller Mark - Called Again - Dr. Brent Agin on Nutrition and Addiction - Eric Mitchell and Steve Hayes - Full Studio and Fast! Listen
01/31/10 Purdue Pharma and the FDA Complicity With OxyContin Revealed. The Sept 24th Public Meeting With Purdue and the FDA by People Who Were There. An Historical Radio Hour. Listen
01/24/10 Special Guest: Jim Edwards - Writer for - Former Purdue Executives in the News Again - Will DC Judge Grant Their Request to do Business With the Government Again - Informative Show Listen
01/17/10 Guest: Barbara Allen - Compassionate Friends - Special Organization For Grieving Family Members - The "stigma" of drug addiction for loved ones - Show Starts with Comments on New Jersey and Marijuana. Shame on New Jersey! Listen
01/10/10 The Connection Between a Billionaire Family's loss and Partnership for Drug Free America -New Perspective on "Drug Management Clinics" - Purdue Pharma Admits OxyContin Dangerous to Teenagers! Public Comments from FDA Sept 24th Meeting Listen
01/03/10 Special Guests - State Senator Dave Aronberg Discusses Pain Clinic Legislation and Bob LaMendola Health Writer for The South Florida Sun Sentinel Gives Further Insight Into Pain Clinics. Listen
12/27/09 How Heroin Was Named - The Convoluted Mess in Afganistan - Group Think for Businesses - More Revelations on OxyContin - Enjoyable Show (note - need Windows Media for this show) Listen
12/20/09 Show Dedicated to Shannon Pierson -Why Is Our Youth Silent - President Obama Fails as Moral Leader - Definition of "Crisping" -More Details on OxyContin Ban - Montana's Face Turns Red - Enjoyable Show Listen
12/13/09 Guest: Bill Ford - A Father Takes Action - A Number of Links and Articles......Paxil, Zoloft, Zyprexa, Ritalin, and Adderal Soon Coming to a Walk-In Clinic Near You. Listen
12/06/09 Stacia - 16 Year Old From California Called in and Asked for the Deaths to Stop - Mary Sheehan -Pharmacist Asks Pharmacy to Step Forward - William Addicted to Oxycodone Called in for Help - A Great Show Listen
11/29/09 Guests Steve Hayes: Novus Medical Detox and Eric Mitchell Suncoast Rehabilitation - Treatment and Rehab discussed: Speculated on Tiger Woods Accident - Reminder to Visit Listen
11/22/09 Guest: Paula Davies Scimeca Brings us Draconian Drug Law Recently Passed in Florida - Taxing Marijuana Ludicrous Idea - Two Rings Segment Gives Example of Government Waste. Chilling Story From Caller - We Lost Another 17 year Old. Listen
11/15/09 Guest: Kari Stirnweis: Administrator of BaN OxyContin on Facebook - Commentary on "Cognitive Enhancers" brought callers - Other Great Calls as Well. Another Good Show Listen
11/08/09 Fun Show - "Just" Nicole, Montana and Larry G. - Fast and Entertaining. Listen
11/01/09 Guests: Dawn-Roger-Tony talking about the upcoming 12 Step Music Fest. Artists and Fun for 4 days-Two Rings Segment: Is Purdue corrupting our Police? Listen
10/25/09 Guest: Curt Lavarello - Exec. Dir. Sarasota Coalition on Substance Abuse: Insightful and Informative -Obama and Marijuana -Stimulents, ADHD & Heart Disease -How Many Children are at Risk? Listen
10/18/09 Last Week House MD - This Week Nurse Jackie - Wrong TV Message to America - Documentary OxyContin Express Discussed - Another Eye Opener about the Drug Monitoring Bill in Florida - Pain Clinics Flourish Listen
10/11/09 Dr. House MD. Discussed - More Drug Deaths in People 35-54 Than Traffic Accidents - Babies Being Born Addicted and The Silence Continues - Eric Mitchell - President Suncoast Rehabilitation Shares an Opinion - Great Show - Fast Show Listen
10/04/09 Guest: Glenn Roberson - The "Commish" and Great Callers....You Won't Buy a Car From Spanky But He Could Probably Sell You Drugs.....The Reporters Continue to Not Get It.....Deaths and The Silence Continue..... Listen
09/27/09 Discussed the "Knuckleheads" on the FDA Advisory Committee Last Thursday. Addiction, Death and Reality Not Enough to Stop a Yea Vote on the New OxyContin Formulation----Ephedra: 100 Deaths vs OxyContin: Many Times More --- It's OxyContin That Stays. Listen
09/20/09 Review for OxyContin Meeting With FDA on Sept 24. Guests Ed Vanicky, Dr. Steve Gelfand, Steve Hayes, Pete Jackson and Sandra Kresser Each Have Powerful Statements........Another Can't Miss and Informative Show. A Very Fast 55 Minutes. Listen
09/13/09 More Chemicals for our Teenagers - Pfizer Fine Revealed - Bill O'Reilly and Newt Gingrich Piece - The Shiek Dedicates a Match to the Show - Music - Sound Bites and a Moving and Emotional Call From Pam in Las Vegas(Show begins 30 sec in) Listen
09/06/09 Guests: Pete Jackson and Eric Mitchell - Fast Show - Getting Ready For FDA Meeting on OxyContin - More in Next Two Weeks Listen
08/30/09 Guests: Dr. Jeanne Stolzer and Kevin Miller (Generation Rx). Back to School Special and ADHD. Listen
08/16/09 Guest Host Steve Hayes With Nicole and Montana: Another Perspective on The Health Care Bill - Wrestling Update From Commissioner Glenn Listen
08/23/09 Guests: Eric Mitchell - Suncoast Rehabilitation Center and Steve Hayes - Novus Medical Detox - Choosing The Right Treatment Facility - Civil Liberites vs. Protecting Our Children? A Fundamental Question Listen
08/09/09 Variety of Topics: Billy Mays Saves the Drug Industry - "It Was Cocaine - Not the Oxys". "Fat Donna" Pleads Guilty - Her Doctor Runs Free. $150 Million Being Spent By the Drug Industry To Help You Feel Better - Introduced a New Band to the Show -Jax from Kore! Listen
08/02/09 Welcome WLSS 930 am! - Legalization and Liberalization Phony Arguments - Historical Fact "Racist Drug War" Led by the Democrats - Great Caller - Another Entertaining Show Listen
07/26/09 Topics included Edward Bernays - Rocky Mountain High (literally) - Letter from a Pain Patient - Local "Wrastling" Update - An Entertaining Show That Ended With a Dedication - Listen
07/19/09 Guests: Authors Sheryl McGinnis, Paula Davies Scimeca and Jared Combs - A Great Combination of Insights From Three Different Perspectives. An Enjoyable and Informative Show Listen
07/12/09 Guest Kevin Dixon-Interventionist: Even the Rich and Famous Fail a Family Member - Discussed the Fallicies of Marijuana Legalization - St. Pete Times Not the Most Intelligent...Another Good Show. Listen
07/05/09 Guests: Melissa - Cindy - Christine and Tracy - HARMD.ORG - Update on Methadone - Very Emotional --- "Philosopher and Novelist" exposed as being phony on Two Rings --- Roger Hemond from Thrown Alive -- Parody on OxyContin.....Fast Hour (Note: Show Starts at 1:00 Mark) Listen
06/28/09 Michael Jackson: Perspective Not Heard Anywhere Else In The Country. Emotional Problems Buried in Drug Use - Where Was Michael's Family and Friends? Drug Companies Morally Defunct! Pain Society's Use The Terminally Ill to Foster Additional Addiction and Death! Another Good Show.... Listen
06/21/09 Charlie Crist Revealed: Drug Data Base Bill - No State Funding - Charlie Puts the Pharmaceutical Companies Ahead of the Citizens - People From Kentucky Still Welcome Listen
06/14/09 Guests: Crystal Boyet-Hampton and Tina Reed - Medical Boards starting to get it. Two Rings goes to the St Pete Times - Reporters Their No Smarter than a 5th Grader. Listen
06/07/09 In Studio Guests: Roger Hemond From Thrown Alive, Glenn Roberson Former Professional Wrestler and Frankie Reyes Wrestling Promotor. More on Purdue and Florida - Is Charlie Crist Going to Jeopardize His Political Future For Purdue? Listen
05/31/09 Guest: Representative Carl Domino -Requests for Veto of Drug Monitoring Bill - What's Good For Purdue is Not Good For the Citizen's of Florida - Update on the FDA Meeting Last Week - Lee: an OxyContin Patient Spends Time With Us - Another Great Show!!!!! Listen
05/24/09 Guest: Glenn Roberson - Former Professional Wrestler - Creating Attention Around the Country - Great Callers - Another Great Show Listen
05/17/09 Guest: Author Michael Stein MD. - Insights From Both a Doctor and an Author on Addiction - Two Rings Goes to New Drug Czar - Failure in Seattle Brings Him to Washington - Ban OxyContin Petition Continues to Grow!!!! Listen
05/10/09 Special Guest: Writer - Director - Producer Kevin Miller Discusses His Movie GenerationRx and More. A Great Guest, Great Sound Bites, Informative Two Rings, Great Callers - A Great Show. Listen
05/03/09 Dr. Jeanne Stolzer Comments -Seven Year Old Commits Suicide - 35 Times More Deaths From Legal Drugs Than Heroin - How Has Definition of "Standard of Care" Become "Substandard"? Listen
04/26/09 Pharmacy Board as Deficient as Medical Board in Florida - War on Drugs Needs More Education and That's Starting With The Adults - Drug Testing For Teachers and Professors? Listen
04/19/09 Special Guest: Judge Jim Gray - Judge - Author - Speaker - A Discussion On The War On Drugs - Joined by Steve Hayes Director of Novus Medical Detox - Must Listen to Show - Show is One of the Best!! Listen
04/12/09 Roger From The Band Surprised Us With a Call - Comments on Suboxone - Hillary Clinton Claims Only Illegal Drugs are Dangerous and Listen To Her Quotes From 2002 on OxyContin Listen
04/05/09 Show Starts With Music From the Band Live Mammal and Steve (aka Rev Min T Phresh) From the Band. - Another Life Lost to an Overdose - Great Caller - Pat From Clearwater - She is Finally off the Opiods For Pain - And More!!!!!(Show starts at 1 minute mark) Listen
03/29/09 Great Show - Tampa Bay Band Thrown Alive and Their Song "Won't Get High" - Hillary Blames "Illegal Drugs" For All The Problems - Steve Hayes and the Oxycodone Shortage - Dr. Jeanne Stolzer Professor on the Myths For Drugging Our Children Listen
03/22/09 Author - Paula Davies Scimeca "Unbecoming a Nurse" - A Book For all Nurses and Students - Obama Offers Money for Needles to Users and No More Money For Treatment - Rhode Island Trying to Bring its Citizen Cheap Marijuana -And More!!!! Listen
03/15/09 Topical Show - Anna Nicole Smith - Doctor in South Florida Acquitted -Reporter in Tulsa Gets it - Drug Company Payoffs and More Listen
03/08/09 Show Starts With Paul Newman - Two Rings Address Misguided State Legislators - Great Callers - Medical Marijuana - More Lies Listen
03/01/09 Fun Show to Listen to - Nicole and Montana are back - "ADHD Drugs Cause Brain Damage in Mice - Experts Say OK For Your 6 Yr Old - Billions in Fines - No Jail Time - "Fat Donna Gets Busted" - Listen
02/22/09 Guest: Jared Combs - Author - "Incomprehensible Demoralization" A Must Read For Both Family and Addicts - Beginning of Show - Tobacco Defense Unraveling - Drug Companies Next? Listen
02/15/09 "Only in America" - Ten Citizens go to Washington and Influence the FDA - "Florida Medical Board a bunch of "nincompoops". - Another Great Show Listen
02/08/09 Dr. Sanford Silverman MD - Pompano Beach, Fl - Enlightens listener about Pain Management....Dr. Steve Gelfand MD and Dr. Kirk Van Rooyan MD share comments - The Dialog This Country Needs to Stop the Silent Epidemic - Fantastic Show! Listen
02/01/09 Super Bowl Sunday in Tampa - Took the Night Off - Played a "Best Off". Live Again Next Sunday Listen
01/25/09 Topic: Drug Education in the Schools - Great Guests - Sherry McGinnes: Author and Pat Goza - PAPDA - New Caller - Maria - School Teacher From Tarpon Springs - Another Fast Hour Listen
01/18/09 Great Show - Started With The Prison Song - Drugs No Longer in the Inner City - Kevin and Keith From Called In...And More! Listen
01/11/09 1st Time Caller: Joe From New York - 21 Year Old Explains Silent Epidemic Better Than Larry G. - Adults Remain Clueless About the Drugs of Today - But, Not Our Children - Listen To Their Songs. Listen
01/04/09 Great Show - Larry Pops a Gasket and Nicole and Montana at Their Best.....Great Caller Before First Break...Time to Ask If Doctors Understand the Drugs They Dispense? Listen
12/28/08 Guest Steve Hayes Discusses Letter to Obama Transition Team - Decade of Prescription Drugs - Pharmacist in Pa Found Guilty - Kristina Remains Well Listen
12/21/08 Covered a Number of Recent News Stories - Discussed the Opium Wars in China and the Downfall of the Chinese Dynasties Prior to 1912 - Clarified Today's 21st Century Opium Epdemic...Another Good Show Listen
12/14/08 Author: Gracelyn Guyol - Healing Depression and Bipolar Without Drugs - Show Starts With Wisdom From Homer Simpson - Another Good Show Listen
12/07/08 Great Guests!! Kristina Checks In - Shares Example of "Bad Medicine" - FDA and REMOXY - Does The Commissioner of the FDA Know What is Going On At the FDA? Listen
11/30/08 Nicole and Montana Tell Us Why The Show is Important - New Song: "OxyContin Blues" and Remoxy - More Corporate Criminals Revealed. Listen
11/23/08 Surprise Caller - Kevin Miller: Producer of Generation Rx - Movie Recently Released and Available on DVD - Caller: Trish - Recently Lost Her Husband Listen
11/16/08 Show Opens With Parody Using a Billy Joel Song - The Associated Press Got it Wrong on Remoxy - Press Quotes Drug Companies and Don't Understand What They Are Quoting! Informative Show! Listen
11/09/08 Guest: Dr Steve Gelfand - His Concerns About the Proper Use Of Opiods.......Larry G's concerns: Is the FDA as Stupid as Manufacturer of Remoxy Thinks They Are? - Ed V and His Dog Joined Us. Listen
11/02/08 Over 4000 Lives Reportedly Lost to FDA Approved Drugs in Three Months and Over 4000 Military Lives Lost in Iraq in Over 5 Years. The Culture of Prescription Drugs and the Silence is Discussed. Listen
10/26/08 First Anniversity Show! An Endorsement For Ralph Nader....Kristina Has Never Sounded Better....Another Fast Show With Many Topics Listen
10/19/08 Show Starts With Excerpt From South Park Introducing Our New Culture of ADHD Drugs. Should College Kids Have To Take Drug Test Before Exams? - Most ADHD Drugs Only 2-4 Weeks of Studies Before FDA Approval... Listen
10/12/08 DEA is Revealed!!! The DEA Continues to Grant Licenses for the Importation of Raw Opium...Florida Pharmacy Board Doesn't Answer Telephone...Great Callers!! Listen
10/05/08 Fast Hour! Tribute to Miltown, NJ and history of Meprobamate. FDA at its Worst - The Appearance of Lies and Corruption Listen
09/28/08 A Little of Everything - Laughter and Sadness Combined - Great Calls - Steve Hayes and Kevin Dixon Check In.......A New Kristina in California! Listen
09/21/08 Guest: Dan Pearson - "Ryan's Act" -Awaiting a Decision in Congress and Sandra Kresser - Mother Who Lost a Son - Beginning of Show: Partnership for a Drug Free America Busted!!!!! Great Show Listen
09/14/08 Guest: Kevin Dixon - KD Consultants - Interventionist - Kristina is Out! - Mike Trying to Get off Methadone - Listen
09/07/08 Fast Hour! Methamphetamine? - No Thanks - I'll Take Phentermine. Where Are the Medical and Pharmacy Boards? Great Callers - Great Show Listen
08/31/08 Guest Garth Knujon: Internet Pharmacies - Fraud and Deception With No Recourse......Hear How Kristina is Doing.....Caller Reminds us of Danger of Benzos....And More Listen
08/24/08 Facts and Real Life Stories!!! Guests from Solid Rock Ministries and Larry G Create a Show Every Public Official and Medical Professional Should Hear. Listen
08/17/08 Great Callers....This Is A Must Listen To Show.....But, Still No Callers From the Pharmaceutical Industry or Pain Doctors...... Listen
08/10/08 Special Guest Host - Steve Hayes Director Novus Medical Detox - In Studio Guest - Teresa Miller - - Topic - Addiction and Recovery Listen
08/03/08 One Hour is not Enough! Tampa Tribune Article Falls Short - Purdue, Pill Mill, and More - Last Half Hour -Finally a Conversation on Addiction and Treatment - Great Callers Listen
07/27/08 Special Guest: Kathleen Slattery-Moschkau - Writer - Director - Talk Show Host Discusses Her Movie "Side Effects" and More. Plus Update on Purdue and the FDA. Listen
07/20/08 Great Guests and Great Callers - Pharmacists in Studio. Tourist Friendly Florida Increases Places to Visit -Pain Clinics Flourish For Out of Staters. Pinellas Park and Purdue Pharma Take the Heat. Listen
07/13/08 Guest: Dan Pearson - Proof That a Father and Family can Make a Change. Justin is Missed - Was There Defective Oxycontin Not Reported to the FDA in 2002? Listen
07/06/08 Clinic in Pinellas Park Supplying Roxies and Blueberries to Other States Listen
06/29/08 Great Show and Callers: Two major topics: Medical Clinic in Pinellas Park - Cash for Drugs - Does Marijuana Belong in Your Medicine Chest? Listen
06/22/08 Guest: John Horton - LegitScript and Online Pharmacies - Unregulated? - How Long Can Lives and Families be Affected and the Silence Continue? Listen
06/15/08 Author: Joan Gadsby - Addiction by Prescription - Guest: Geraldine Burns - - A show dedicated to "blockers, sleepers, BZD's, ladders, totem poles and bars (benzodiazepenes). Listen
06/08/08 Guest Dr. Steve Gelfand - The Mix of Pain and Emotion. - Promises,Promises: Not Dionne Warwick, The Drug Companies. - Comments on ADHD - Great Callers!! Listen
06/01/08 Guest: Ellen Arnold: Another Family Affected - American Heart Assoc. Warnings On ADHD Drugs - Police Watching The Drug Deals From Their Squad Cars Listen
05/25/08 Guest: Mathy Downing - Another Child Lost - Candace Downing and Zoloft - Age 12. The Drug Companies say "Painkillers" - On The Street They Say "Junk, Oxys and Roxies". Listen
05/11/08 "Baby Boom Generation Morally Defunct" - "Hiliary's Village Dysfunctional" - Melissa Zupardi from HARMD.ORG Discusses FDA Meetings With Larry G - Great Show Listen
05/18/08 Show Dedicated to Rachel Hoffman Family - Guest: Dr Don Kurth - More Insights on Addiction - New Callers Listen
05/04/08 Final Show Before FDA Reviews "New Oxycontin" - "Oxycontin Interchangeable With Heroin" - Why Doesn't the FDA Get It! Listen
04/27/08 Oxycontin and the FDA: Update on May 5th Meeting - Questions for the FDA "Can it be smoked" - Guests: Dr Steve Gelfand and Joanne Peterson (Learn2Cope) Listen
04/20/08 Guests: Dr. Steve Gelfand - Steve Hayes - Ed Vanicky: The psychological effects of opioids.....A doctor banned in one state and allowed to deal in another..FDA meeting and Oxycontin Listen
04/13/08 "Adults Don't Get It! Book: I AM YOUR DISEASE Revisted. Author Sheryl McGinnis...A Must Read for Parents, Grandparents...Surprise Caller...Florida State Representative Jack Seilor Talks About Drug Data Base Bill Listen
04/06/08 SPECIAL GUEST - BILL JANES: DIRECTOR OF FLORIDA OFFICE OF DRUG CONTROL - "Stop this Outrage". Florida Needs Drug Monitoring Database Legislation. Great callers and great show! Listen
03/30/08 Are You Taking an Anti-Depressant? Can't Miss Show For You! Dr. Ann Blake Tracy and Amy Philo on SSRI's Listen
03/23/08 Must Book For Adults - Author Sheryl McGinnis - "I AM YOUR DISEASE" - To Better Understand the Devestation of Addiction - Plus In Studio "Youth". Listen
03/09/08 GREAT SHOW: 3 Moms From Canada - Personal Stories and Canadian Perspective - In Studio Youth - American Medical Association and St Pete Times Take a Beating. Listen
03/02/08 Heroin-Cocaine-Morphine -Nothing New as Silence Continues.... Youth visit the Studio - Comments from Generation Rx - In Studio Guests-Nicole Mee - Montana Spencer - Jamie Newman Listen
02/24/08 CBS News and Katie Couric - Shame on you! More Will Die With No Public Comment...Guests Steve Hayes and Melissa Zuppardi - More Insights on the Silent Epidemic Listen
02/17/08 Congress Probes Deeper Into Roger Clemens.....Hypocrisy at its Best....Dishonest Doctors Discussed....St Pete Times Article Listen
02/10/08 Drug Companies Say Safe - Thousands Dying and Becoming Addicted: Great Guests -Dr. Steve Gelfand and Lynn Locasio - Surprise Call - Another Death in Sarasota Listen
02/03/08 Fun Parady in Beginning - Great Caller from Pittsburgh - NFL and Drugs - Nicole Mee: Teen Screen - Good Show Listen
01/27/08 "METHADONE" -Nancy - and Melissa - - Enlightening Overview of the Increasing Deaths and Destruction From Methadone Listen
01/20/08 Joe Saunders - Successful Attorney - Informative - Pharmaceutical Companies Revealed Listen
01/13/08 Giulliani's Connection To Opium and Purdue: Complete Time Line-Connecting Oxycontin-Purdue-FDA - Requested An Investigation of FDA Listen
01/06/07 Heard from the Experts - Steve Hayes - Director Novus Detox and Dr Steve Gelfand on the Overuse of Opioids - The Deaths and Addictions Attributed From Poor Decisions from the Medical Community Needs to Stop Listen
12/30/07 Ross and Friends From The UK: Benzodiazepines are an International Problem. Date Rape Drug Being Promoted for "Pain Relief". Time to Investigate the FDA. Listen
12/16/07 Guests: Jack Feinberg - Phoenix House - Nancy Garvin - - Methadone Deaths - Opening dialogue - Message to Trial Attorneys Listen
12/09/07 Great show! Dr. Steve - "Studies limited on opioids for chronic pain". Charles Griffith - Editor in Chief of Journey - A Magazine for Recovery. - Personal story -"Joy is missed" Keep a tissue box in hand..And - Rebecca's fight Listen
12/02/07 Guests Susan Gipson - Dr. Steven Gelfand - John Vingelli-Attorney Discuss proper use of opioids and Arizona Supreme Court ruling concerning the death of a young man. Great caller - Dr Kirk Van Rooyan Listen
11/25/07 Guest-Jack Feinberg Phoenix House - Tampa & Guest Sandra Kresser - Salt Lake City, Utah - Another Child Lost- Comments on "Medical Marijuana Hoax" Listen
11/18/07 "Multi-Drugging" - One Prescripion Is Not Enough - Guests: Geraldine Burns and Laurie Anspach. - Great Caller - Jill who was mult-drugged. Listen
11/11/07 Guests: Susan Gipson -Won State Supreme Court Ruling Jack Feinberg from Phoenix House in Tampa - Commentary - 30.000 die yearly and polititians remain silent. Listen
11/04/07 Nov 4 Guests: Barbara Van Rooyan - Lack of Response from FDA - Trina Hayes - Workshop in Venice and Help for Parents - Reviewed Oxycontin song Listen
10/28/07 Another Great Show - Pharmacist's dealing - Guests: Trina Hayes and Dr. Steve Gelfand Listen
10/21/07 1st Show on WGUL 860. Callers and more Callers - 1st of 2 hours. PAR and WGUL - A new partnership. Listen
10/21/07 Bonus Hour - Hour 2 Listen
10/14/07 The new legal opium trade is growing: multi-nationals, FDA, DEA, etc. Rudy Giuliani and Purdue is new symbol for growing drug use in our country. Listen
10/07/07 Giuliani and Purdue: Connections run deeper - Remoxy: The next Oxycontin? Discuss Children's Health Care Bill & More. Listen
09/30/07 Guest: Geraldine Burns - & - Rudy Giuliani spokesperson for "new Opium Trade" in our country. Listen
09/23/07 Open Show: Richard Paey is free! More on Actiq and Fentora. Letter to Hardball concerning Giulliani. Great calls Listen
09/16/07 Guest: Jim Quinlan - Info on Asthma Guest: Pete Jackson - Review FDA report on deaths from drugs FDA allows deaths from fentanyl! Listen
09/09/07 Show dedicated to Sarah...Reason why combination of drugs are deadly and people over 35 are dying.....Oxycontin update.... Listen
09/02/07 Great New Information on ADHD drugs and statistics.....Opiods - Pain Patients dying, not just addicts Listen
10/22/06 Introductory Show; Stop the increase of addiction and deaths from prescription drugs Listen
10/29/06 Guests: CASA: Community Action Stops Abuse; (starts at 3:00) Listen
11/05/06 Introduced "Chalkboard"; Pain Relief Network, American Pain Institute Listen
11/12/06 Guest: Juliet Barkley -Counselor; Power of Drug Advertising (starts at 1:30) Listen
11/26/06 Guest: Joe Eisley Inner Balance Treatment Center; (starts at 2:40) Listen
12/03/06 Guest: Dr Lee Sheldon; Effect of narcotics on the body (starts 4:15) Listen
12/10/06 "Pain Pills" are Narcotics Listen
12/17/06 Guest: Laurie Anspach - CCHR; The risk of antidepressants Listen
12/31/06 The Richard Paey Story - 25 yrs in Prison; Otc painkiller warnings Listen
01/07/07 "Dealing Doctor in Clearwater" owns Pharmacy land!- Scoop! (or start?); Stricter warnings for OTCs; Ambian and Lunesta; Privacy Laws; Legal v illegal drug cash value Listen
01/14/07 Guest: Barbara Van Rooyan Barbara's son died as a result of taking one Oxycotin Listen
01/21/07 Guest: Ed Listen
01/28/07 DEA Production Quotas for Schedule II Drugs Listen
02/04/07 Guest: Elyse Van Breeman-National Anti-Stigma Campaign-DEA Proposes Rules Change Listen
02/11/07 Guest: Joanne Peterson - Learn 2 Cope - Revealed "drug dealing doctors" in Pinellas County Listen
02/18/07 Guest: Chris Garrison-CCHR Boston Death of a 4 year old and More "Doctors doing Deals" Listen
02/25/07 Guest: Geraldine Burns - "Benzodiazepines" Listen
03/04/07 Doctor Bammer Arrested; "World Prescription Drug Abuse Rising"; "Drug Bust in Orlando"; "Marketing of Vaccine" Listen
03/11/07 Guest: Beverly Beech - Drugs in Labor and Delivery; Bammer "still dealing" Listen
03/18/07 "Doctors who apparently deal"; "Medicaid pay off to doctor who owns land"; "Bayer and Heroin" & "Purdue Pharma and Oxycontin" Listen
03/25/07 History of Marketing Heroin by Bayer Listen
04/01/07 Guest: Clifford Thornton -; "Legalization and Decriminalization of All Drugs"; "War on Drugs is a War on Class" Listen
04/08/07 Guest: Barbara Van Rooyan; Boston Ledger series-"Wasted Youth"; "Oxycontin-Biggest Medical Hoax in Last 100 Years"; In depth review of similarities of Oxycontin and Heroin Listen
04/15/07 Guest: Pete Jackson-"Another Child Lost"; Oxycontin-Biggest Medical Hoax in Last 100 Years"; (Cont.) Listen
04/22/07 Guest: Dr. Freddie Ulan - "Mass Murder-Suicide-Prescription Drugs" Summary: "Heroin-Bayer/Oxycontin-Purdue Pharma Listen
04/29/07 Guest: Ed Bisch - "" Listen
05/06/07 Pain Management - Code word for "narcotics" (starts at :30) Listen
05/13/07 Guest: Ken Kramer - "Tampa Tribune Under Scrutiny" Review of Oxycontin Court Ruling Listen
05/20/07 Purdue Pharma and FDA Fool Everybody - Including Senators Kennedy, Reed, Collins, Warner, Clinton and Dodd-This is a must listen to show-FDA lies to Senate- Listen
05/27/07 Guest: Geraldine Burns - Benzodiazepines - "quiet epidemic" Listen
06/03/07 Guest: Geraldine Burns - Hear "Mike's Story" and "Ruth's Story" - Help for Benzodiazepine Addiction Listen
06/10/07 Another Child Lost to Oxycontin Dr. Jeffrey Prosser in Clearwater Exposed as a Drug Dealer Listen
06/17/07 Corporate America Remains Silent Listen
06/24/07 New York Times Magazine Article - Was the reporter fooled by the Pain Management Industry? Listen
07/01/07 How to stop the war in Iraq (parody) Abingdon, Virginia - July 20 Update - Many Callers Listen
07/08/07 Show dedicated to Al Gore family - More news on Abingdon, Va Listen
07/15/07 Technical Difficulties - Did Not Record Listen
07/22/07 Purdue Verdict - Execs and Representatives Exposed Listen
07/29/07 Husbands Says "I Love You" To Wife Who Died After Taking Oxycontin - Laurie Anspach - CCHR Clearwater "Drugging our Children" - St Pete Times Article, etc. (Programming note: Show starts at 3:00 Mark) Listen
08/12/07 Guest: Geraldine Burns -; Guest: Trina Hayes -; Guest: Ed Vanicky - "Stooges and Goofballs from Purdue Pharma" Listen
08/19/07 3 Stooges from Purdue Revealed Listen
08/26/07 Pain Use Doubles; Guiliani Exposed; Goofball from John Hopkins University Exposed Listen

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