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All About Prescription Addiction Radio: Past, Present, and Future

We have millions of people waking up every morning unable to function without an addictive drug(s). The need for the drugs are not from a disease state, but simply to prevent oneself from being sick (commonly known as withdrawal). If not ourselves, we all know someone suffering from too many drugs in their lives.

The Prescription Addiction Radio Show is a challenge to America to discuss the culture in our country that has evolved into accepting the silent epidemic that has created a growing number of people who cannot get through their day without an addictive or psychologically mind altering drug. Children are being drugged in increasing numbers.

The need to prevent tremors, shakes, upset stomach, headache, chills, sweats, and profuse diarrhea chains an individual to these drugs.

Along with Montana and Cedric, Larry has developed a unique radio show for all ages. An entertaining format that mixes humor and information. The topic of drugs and related stories is limitless.

Whether you are 18 or 80, the show will hold your attention.

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