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Montana - Prescription Addiction Radio Co Host
Larry G - Prescription Addiction Radio Host
Larry G
"Larry G........Genius mentor for teens to octogenarians........ A radio Prophet with the gift of wit, knowledge and sincerity..........Great delivery........Montana, his side kick, hosts with fun anecdotes and a keen grasp of the subject........"

Lola Wagenvoord - Owner Tantalk Radio Network
"This show is terrific..........Great information on an important message from a future radio legend."

Dave Wagenvoord Owner Tantalk Radio Network
"Timely and engaging news and opinion, covering all aspects of an accelerating national tragedy."

Jim H.
"Factual, passionate, and speaks from the heart. I listen to a lot of talk radio but seldom hear an open environment that tells the truth about what is happening to our loved ones and country. Open, honest and a one stop shop for education. Also, very often funny. Love Montana and Cedric"

Kathy L.
"Can't believe not on national radio. Engaging, informative, funny - fast two hours."

Courtney M.
"Really entertaining.......... Montana, Cedric and Larry belong on the national stage."

Bridget J.
"Larry G knows his stuff."

Tim R.
"Not what I expected.......Great show"

Jake G.
"Smart, Sassy and Sexy"

Debbie G.

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Mar. 11: Facts vs Faith - $1.2 Million Bond for a Mentally Ill Woman? -Prisons Have Replaced Mental Health Facilities -"National Brain Week" and Much More (listen here)

Mar. 4: Major topic: The Growth of Drugs in America - How Much More Can We Take - (listen here)

Jun. 10: Another Child Lost to Oxycontin Dr. Jeffrey Prosser in Clearwater Exposed as a Drug Dealer (listen here)

Apr. 29: Guest: Ed Bisch - "" (listen here)


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